True Fellowship Baptist Church


The Story of  True Fellowship Baptist Church

The church is so constituted that every member matters, and matters in a very vital sense.
Martin Lloyd-Jones

By faith, the opening celebration service took place October 15, 2006 @ 5:00 pm at Sundown Elementary, Katy, TX.  The kickoff service allowed many both far and near to share in this monumental milestone.  At that time True Fellowship began initially with only 1 family as official members.  However, as God saw fit He added 6 families in the early stages of the church and has since added to the church body as well.  This led to the formation of the core group of TFBC. 

During year one, the core group under Pastor Thomas’ leadership focused on foundational principles that must exist and live within a church.  Those principles are Fellowship, Discipleship, Worship and Outreach.  These foundational values ultimately translate into the reason for TFBC’s existence:  Sharing, Seeking, Serving, Spreading the love of the Savior Jesus Christ.  Some highlights of the first year also included the establishment of a Men’s,

Women’s and Music ministry with plans that included the Shining Stars Children’s Ministry, Fellowship of Praise Youth Ministry.  

As time continued to passed, True Fellowship continued to grow in the grace of Almighty God.  The numerical size of the church did not outweigh the steps she had taken spiritually. The membership had gradually remained steady during this time at about 30 members.  The vision and plans set before her prompted the church to consider looking for a temporary place of permanence.  This process was a tedious one at times.  Several locations were viewed but none materialized.  Many doors were closed.  Meanwhile, TFBC continued to have services in multiple locations:  Sundown Elementary, Franz Elementary, Hutsell Elementary, Fry Road MUD Building and Pastor Thomas’ home.  However, in late 2007 a space was discovered as a potential home for the church family.  Inquiries were made but another door seemed to be closed.  During that time TFBC moved to Hutsell Elementary and continued to have service.  Little did the church know what God had planned!  Friday, July 18th, 2008, a meeting was arranged with the owner of the property at 3115 Fry which was viewed several months earlier.  The thinking was this door had been closed, but again God had a different plan. 

Pastor Thomas immediately went into prayer beseeching God simply for divine favor.  The meeting was successful and a tentative arrangement to allow TFBC to occupy the space pending an approval from the remaining management and participation in clearing the furniture in the adjacent warehouse.   TFBC participated in great fashion and the Lord gave Pastor Thomas favor with the owner of the 3115 Fry Rd location.  On Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008, a tentative agreement was finalized allowing TFBC the opportunity to lease the property at $.61 sq ft.  The church began to cover the grounds in prayer and again the Lord granted the church favor.  Pastor Thomas then led the church into a 3115 Bound financial campaign thus making plans to move in her new home.  During the preparation time and waiting period, several months passed and the church’s faith began to undergo several challenges.  However, TFBC did not lose sight of her goal and blessing from God.   On Saturday, December 6th, 2008, after much trial and trepidation, TFBC moved into her new church home and Sunday, Dec 7th 2008, TFBC held her first worship service with 40 plus worshipers in attendance. 

We must say that God’s ways are not our ways and sometimes we find it truly difficult to understand His will and plan but we can with sincerity truly say that our God has been good to the True Fellowship family.  Our Pastor continues to feed and nurture us with the word of God and encourage us to move from saint to servant.  We celebrate God this day for we are blessed with a bible-based; Christ centered church full of love, joy and excitement.  As you can see God has ordered our steps to do a great work for Him and we pause to celebrate Him for the marvelous things he has done and as He leads we will continue to strive to be the church that is Walking together in Christ’.