True Fellowship Baptist Church


The objective of all ministries of TFBC is to assist in the spiritual development of all members through service and participation.  Each member is asked to strongly consider the opportunities and obligation in obedience to God to utilize their time and talents in His service.

Audio Visual Ministry

The A/V ministry exists to enhance the worship experience through the use of technology.  The ministry makes sure that the sound and visual/video has a positive input in all worship services thus fostering a pleasant and embellishment to each parishioner’s experience. 




Decisions for Christ Ministry

This ministry serves as the foundational ministry that helps all individuals in their transition from ‘membership to maturity’.  This ministry is responsible for helping new converts with their salvific decisions for Christ, assisting new members with their transition into the community of TFBC and new converts desiring to be baptized.  Additionally, the Decisions for Christ Ministry is responsible for equipping new members with the rights and responsibilities of being a TFBC member.  

The Decisions for Christ ministry is a (5) week process that address foundational subject matter necessary for developing Christian faith.  The material subjects follow:

Introduction to True Fellowship Church              

  1. The Meaning & Benefits of Salvation                    
  2. The Church, Ordinances & Membership            
  3. Principles of Biblical Discipleship                         
  4. Spiritual Gifts & Assessment                                  

New membership groups begin monthly and meet on Sunday mornings @ 9:15 am.

Baptismal Classes
Our purpose is to assist in the preparation and training for baptism of new believers.
TFBC baptizes the 2nd Sunday of each month.  The baptism classes are held the 2nd prior to their decision to be baptized @ 9:45 am. 

Facility & Operations Ministry

This ministry seeks to foster an environment for biblical learning and fellowship in Christ through excellent maintenance and upkeep of the church’s edifice.  It is in this way that the hope of praise and adoration is promulgated while resting on the truth that our God desires to well in a clean temple.

Family Life Ministry

Couples for Christ Marriage Ministry or CSI – Couples Seriously Involved:  TFBC
The Couples for Christ Marriage ministry is designed to aid couples, young and seasoned, in their continued commitment of fulfilling God’s design of a healthy and vibrant marital relationship.  The motto and focus of this ministry is:  “Marriages that live and not simply Survive”.   This ministry utilizes intimate, small group sessions to engage in wholesome fellowship and interaction with other couples in order to foster an environment for healthy maturation.  This ministry also offers enriching opportunities through date nights, seminars and other activities. 

Couples Date Night
Hang out with other couples and enjoy fun and affordable activities.
A typical Date Night consists of:

  1. Child care
  2. Time for you to enjoy a night out
  3. Time to gather with other married couples

Couples Small Growth Groups
Growth groups are designed to assist married individuals the opportunity to grow together as a couple. You will discover strengths and weaknesses in yourself and your relationship. You will be afforded the opportunity to bond and grow in a small group setting as you walk together with others who share the various trials and triumphs in life while coming together as one.   

Fellowship Fridays
This is a general church fellowship that incorporates leisure into the growth plan of each member of TFBC.  These moments are a time for individuals to form and foster healthy relationships outside of the formal worship experiences.  This ministry meets on a semi-monthly basis or as planned according to the general ministry calendar. 

S.A.L.T. Ministry – (Saved, Single and Living Triumphantly)
S.A.L.T.  is a community of single young adults who area committed to a healthy lifestyle that is being transformed by the word of God and fellowship with the body of Christ.   This ministry focuses on developing Godly relationships, practicing spiritual disciplines and fulfilling God’s diving purpose for living.   S.A.L.T. ministry encourages each participant through meaningful relationships, relaxing socials and relevant ministry programs. 

Harvest Time Ministry

The Evangelism & Outreach Ministry exists to seek and to save those that are lost, by equipping the members of TFBC with tools to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all who will hear.  This ministry also extends the love of Christ to surrounding neighbors through relevant and practical outreach efforts.

The Harvest Time Ministry ministers to the community through evangelistic strategies, prayer walks, information drives and community projects every 2nd Saturday of the month. 

Hospitality Ministry
The hospitality ministry serves as the welcoming team for all who will visit and worship with TFBC.  This ministry is also responsible for constant contact of members who are recovering from physical ailments, members who are inactive and absent from the general fellowship and the appreciation and acknowledgement of all guests who attend weekly services. 
Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intimate Friends Ministry
This ministry is designed to assist new members with the acclamation of life of TFBC family.  There primary task to ensure a welcoming and smooth transition of each person in the fellowship of TFBC.   

Caring Hearts Ministry
Caring Hearts is the first line of contact and follow up for all guests after their initial visit of TFBC.  This ministry is responsible for expressing gratitude for each guest and their participation in the weekly service they attended.  Caring Hearts makes sure all church related questions are answered and concerns are directed to the appropriate ministry or personnel. 

This ministry also reaches out to repeat guests who have not made a decision for Christ or for membership at a local congregation.

Laymen in Training

The Laymen in Training is a discipleship ministry responsible for developing men and women as servant leaders within the body of TFBC.  This ministry addresses the biblical mandates found within scripture that help individuals assess and incorporate spiritual disciples required to function as servant leaders within the TFBC church body. 

This ministry meets every 1st Saturday of the month.

Men’s Ministry (Champion’s Heart Ministry)

This ministry attempts to enhance the effective living of the men through Bible study, education, evangelism, fellowship and mission activities.

Spiritual Fitness Camp is our 3rd Saturday morning breakfast fellowship. At Spiritual Camp, you will have an opportunity to connect with other men while feasting on the word and a great breakfast.

The Champion’s Heart Ministry meets every 3rd Saturday of the month @ 8:00 am. 

Pastoral Care & Support Ministry

Pastoral Support Ministry
This ministry provides assistance and support to the Pastor and family of the church ensuring their ministry and learning at TFBC is accompanied with love and blessing. 

Pastoral Care Ministry
This ministry provides healing and support to members and their families who are experiencing or have experienced hardship due to physical ailments, bereavement or hospitalization.   

Youth Ministry

Little Lambs Nursery Ministry
This ministry seeks to minister to all infant and toddler age members thus introducing students to Jesus in a way that is relevant to everyday living and their unique learning capacity.

Shining Stars Children’s Ministry
This ministry will minister to Elementary age members thus introducing students to Jesus in a way that is relevant to everyday living and their unique learning capacity.

Fellowship of Praise Youth Ministry
This ministry seeks to minister to all Middle and High School age members thus introducing students to Jesus in a way that is relevant to everyday living and their unique learning capacity.

Women of Virtue Ministry
The women’s ministry of TFBC exists to provide an outlet to equip all participating women to be servants of God in their various walks of life through service projects, personal and corporate study of scripture, fellowship and prayer. 
Worship & Arts Ministry
The Worship & Arts Ministry is dedicated to leading individuals involved in the corporate worship experience into an intimate spiritual encounter through participation in praise unto almighty God.